My Name:
Tsai-Hsuan Yang

I am a vegan, and a certified personal trainer.

I was born in Taiwan, but I live in Los Angeles. I have a wealth of energy that keeps me constantly on the go and I am very thorough at whatever I put my mind to.

What I enjoy the most is connecting with people. I have a funny bone. I laugh at myself when weird or stupid things happen to me. I also LOVE to come up with strange, hilarious stories or jokes to make people laugh. I have developed my very own “humor collection” since I was little. It is basically a collection of funny ideas that help me LIGHTEN UP.

I get strength from writing, praying, meditating, giving service, lifting heavy weights, eating whole foods, taking long walks, thinking deeply, spending time in the mountains, reading inspiring books and listening to uplifting music. Sharpening my mind and feeding my soul make me excited.


my TEam

On the left is Lily. She is the techie who makes sure my site is up and running, and that all the content gets uploaded.

On the right is Lexa. She is our #1 supporter. She loves to cuddle with us while we work, and to go on walks when we need a break.

do you have a question for me?

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