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I am a vegan who helps other vegans lose weight so they can look sexier, be confident, and have more energy.


Hi there! I’m Lily.

Here is my story…I was always skinny as a young girl and weight problems were the least of my worries. I literally just ate whatever my mom cooked. Honestly, I never gave too much thought if what I consumed was healthy or not.

It wasn’t until I moved to the United States that the number on the scale started to rise. My diet changed. I couldn’t stop craving junk food, such as hamburgers, pizza, fries, ice cream – you name it. These unhealthy foods always made my mouth water!

I ended up wanting more and more, but little did I know that eating all these delicious foods would have a consequence.

It was when I was 12 years old that for the first time I became conscious about anything that had to do with my body. I would look down at my squishy belly and just wondered how this had happened. I also for the first time felt ugly. I lost my confidence.

My mom saw how unhappy I was. She did her best to help me. She paid for my gym membership, and bought me some weight-loss books.

I began to lose weight! I was burning calories at the gym and I now had a better understanding about nutrition in general. But before I go on, I must admit though, that I was not always doing the healthiest things in order to lose weight.

I also reached a plateau. I couldn’t reach my ideal weight. It was during that time in life that I first heard of veganism. I didn’t have to do much research to be convinced that being vegan was the absolutely right things to do for my health and for the planet. I felt like someone had taken off a blindfold from my eyes!

I thought to myself “yes, this is it, if I eat like a vegan, I will finally lose the rest of the pounds I need to lose to reach my ideal weight”.

I believed that it didn’t matter what I ate, as long as I was vegan, it should be easy to shed pounds.

Every time I went to the grocery store I would see gazillions of vegan JUNK FOOD, such as vegan chips, vegan cookies, vegan cheese, vegan ice cream – you name it, and I tried it all!

But after being vegan for several months, the pounds were not coming off. In fact, the number on the scale was rising!

“How can this be”, I thought. But deep inside I knew why, I had gone from eating regular junk food to eating vegan junk food!

Today, I am at my ideal weight, the pounds have melted off, and all after I found the SECRET to overcoming my vegan junk food addiction.

But not first without doing tons of research and experimenting on myself.

I feel like that little girl again when she first came to the United States with lots of hopes and dreams. I feel beautiful inside and out, I move with confidence, and I feel more energetic than ever!

I get it, I was just where you are right now, struggling to lose weight on a vegan diet. Which is why I feel the need to help also lose weight.

There is no doubt in my mind that you can do it too. And I am committed to helping you along the way!





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