Are Oreos Vegan? (Revealing) The Truth Behind The Lies!

vegan oreos

Are you one of the millions of people whose eyes light up every time a new Oreo flavor comes out? Don’t bite into that cookie just yet! First, let’s answer the question,  “are oreos vegan?”

Twist, lick and dunk!

Let’s face it, when we hear the word “Oreo”, this is one of the first things that come to mind!  

With over 362 billion Oreo cookies sold since it made its debut in 1912, it’s no surprise that it’s not only the best selling cookie in the United States but also worldwide.

As a kid,  I remember the countless hours I spent twisting, licking and dunking these cookie goodness in a glass of milk! Yum!

Now that I’m older and a vegan, Oreo cookies are still something I think of from time to time.  However, with my desire to live a healthier lifestyle, I began to wonder if Oreo cookies are something that vegans can enjoy.

So you ask again, are Oreos vegan? The short answer is no. If you’re wondering how and why, I got the answers for you, right here.

Facts To Answer The Undying Question, “Are Oreos Vegan?”

If you have Oreos at home, take a look at the package’s list of ingredients. You don’t see any ingredient that screams “animal product”, right? So what’s the deal?

If you go to Oreo’s website, their information might confuse you. On the FAQ section, it says Oreos are “veggie-friendly”. But then it also says “Oreos have milk as cross contact”, which means they are not suitable for vegans”.

First, I will shed some light on the term cross contact. This means that during the production process, Oreo cookies may or may not come in contact with milk or milk products. It also shows that there is no specific control over quality for milk traces while these world-famous cookies are made.


Furthermore, Mondalez (Oreo’s parent company) and the manufacturers themselves have said that they’re NOT promoting Oreo as a vegan product.

are oreos vegan

The Most Common Questions That You Might Still Be Asking

  1. Are Oreos Vegan In The USA? 

    Some countries may produce the same product differently depending on many factors such as ingredient availability and cost issues. While there is widespread information that says US-made Oreos are vegan, there is no concrete evidence to support it.

  2. Are Oreos Vegan In 2018?

    Vegan food trends are getting more and more popular  year after year, but the Oreo cookie production remains the same. So no, they still won’t be promoted as vegan. One can only hope, I guess.

  3. Are Oreo Ingredients Vegan?

    There are no animal products in Oreo cookie ingredients. However, according to their UK website’s FAQs, its production exposes it to contact with milk products.

  4. Is The Stuffing Inside Oreo Made Of Pork Fat?

    No. Lard was once a key ingredient in its filling, but this was changed back in the mid-1990s. After several health concerns, vegetable oil was used in place of lard.

  5. Are Oreo Cookies Dairy Free?

    No. Because of the cross contact with milk, Oreo cookies should not be treated as dairy-free.

  6. Are Golden Oreos Vegan?

    Golden oreos are of course produced in the same factory. You guessed it right! It has cross contact with milk too.

Bonus: If you want an easy, healthy, delicious vegan home-made Oreo recipe (Gluten Free), check out the video below.


Aww, I hope you are not disappointed. The dispute over Oreos being vegan-friendly or not may continue to bug people from both sides of the argument. Then again, most Oreo fans also believe that it is only an ethical issue.

So what I would suggest is: If the little traces of milk is not something that worries you, then I can’t stop you. However, if you are a strict vegan then it will be best to steer clear from them.

Have you tried Oreos thinking they were safe to eat while being vegan? Let me know on the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article in your favorite social media platform!

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