Is Dancing Good for Weight Loss? A Magic Way To Shed Pounds!

By Lily •  Updated: 03/07/22 •  6 min read

Dance is an art, and there’s a reason it has advanced and thrived elaborately over the millennia. Generally used as a form of self-expression, dance has become popular as a method of losing weight

But, is dancing good for weight loss? If you’re looking to shed some extra pounds and have fun while doing it, then dance is the answer! 

In this article, we will look at how good dancing is for weight loss and how you can implement this practice into your life for enjoyable exercise. Read on!

is dancing good for weight loss

Dancing as a Form of Exercise

While dancing is often viewed as a go-to form of entertainment by most people, the art offers plenty of cardiovascular and weight loss benefits that tend to be kept under wraps. There are really so many health benefits that dance can offer

Many dance moves get your arms, core, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and back engaged for a good workout. The range of physical benefits when it comes to dancing is super high, and dancing as an activity can be an excellent option for people of all sizes and ages. 

Some of the most poignant benefits of dancing are:

How Dancing Promotes Weight Loss

The question still remains: should you be dancing at home for weight loss? 

We can say with absolute certainty that yes, you should. First and foremost, dancing helps you lose weight because it burns calories. Of course, the number of calories you burn during each dance session will depend on the intensity of that session. Whether you’re performing a gentle, graceful waltz or moving energetically in a Zumba session, will determine how many calories you burn while dancing. 

But how many calories can you burn while dancing? Let’s find out.

Calories burned while dancing

A person who weighs 125 pounds will burn around 90 calories in 30 minutes of slow dancing. That same person will burn 165 calories in disco or ballroom and 180 calories in ballet or fast dancing. 

Likewise, a person who weighs 155 pounds will burn 112 calories in 30 minutes of slow dancing. They’ll burn 205 calories from ballroom or disco and 223 calories during ballet or fast dancing. 

If you weigh 185 pounds, you’ll burn about 133 calories in 30 minutes of slow dancing. You’ll also burn 244 calories dancing disco or ballroom for the same amount of time and 266 calories from ballet or fast dancing. 

It’s clear to see that the number of calories you will burn while dancing will largely depend on both the intensity of the dance that you choose and your body weight while dancing. As we’ve already learned, dancing is an effective weight-loss tool if practiced efficiently, and it’s definitely possible to lose weight just by dancing in your room. 

But, some dances are still better for weight loss than others. Let’s find out which dances are the best. 

Dance class at the gym

Easy, Effective Dances for Weight Loss

Here are some of the best dance practices to follow when trying to lose weight. 

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance sessions are the closest thing to a fully-fledged workout for those trying to cut down their additional pounds. This dance style involves high-energy movements that put your entire body to work. Hip hop focuses mainly on the hip and waist region, which helps add some strength and definition to your abs. 

A one-hour long hip-hop dance session a few times a week is a great way to lose those few extra pounds and have a lot of fun doing so. 


This dance style is the easiest to learn because you really don’t have to learn anything. Freestyle dance is a complete improvisation, so you’re able to move freely without planning ahead of time – however, we do recommend seeking some form of instruction if you’ve never danced before. 

Freestyle came from the early 1970s when dancers started showing off their freestyle dance skills in the streets and various other public settings. New York and Los Angeles saw some of the most freestyle dancers, while Jamaica also played a considerable role in the reincarnation of the reggae scene in specific freestyle dances. 

Belly Dancing

If you’re really looking for an incredible workout, then belly dancing is a great art form that will help you tone up different areas of your body, such as your abs, back, and hips. Belly dancing involves slow controlled movements that help you improve blood circulation and overall flexibility. 

When you move your abdomen, you’re burning calories and shaping your backside while burning fat in the thighs and abdominals. Belly dancing enhances your posture and strengthens your muscles, helping you relieve yourself of back pain. 

The best part is that it’s a low-impact form of physical activity and is also safe for your bones. You can burn up to 300 calories just by belly dancing for an hour, and while this art form can’t really be considered an aerobic exercise, it can become a crucial part of your training regimen. 


Salsa dancing has emerged as a refreshing and vibrant alternative to some of the more popular styles of dance. It has deep African and Caribbean roots and is particularly popular in Latin America. Various classes based on salsa, cumbia, mambo, and other techniques are popping up every, offering experiences that are both passionate and energetic. 

Salsa dance movements vary from slow and sensual to virtuosic and insanely dynamic. This style of dance is seen as a first-rate workout, merging anaerobic and aerobic training to strengthen your legs and improve your stability. It’s so effective as an exercise that you’re able to burn an impressive 420 calories just by salsa dancing for an hour!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, dancing is a great activity to lose weight while having fun! So, is dancing good for weight loss? Yes! Grab your friends or favorite dance buddy, and hit the dancefloor to lose weight, improve your dance moves, and enjoy a night out!


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