Fasten Up And Learn Which Are The Best Vegan Belt Brands!


Belts have been an important part of man’s clothing. From its ancient beginnings to its current modern state, belts have always been a staple accessory.

If we take a look at the history of belts, most were generally made of leather. The same thing can be said to the contemporary versions, However, for vegan folks out there, they need belts that are not made from the any animal parts or byproducts.

To give them the options, I have looked into brands that offer vegan belt options. I have curated a list to make it easier for vegans out there to shop for this all important accessory!

Belts have been an important part of man’s clothing. From its ancient beginnings to its current modern state, belts have always been a staple accessory.

Vegan Belt Brands For Him and Her

If you are having a difficult time looking for a vegan belt to purchase, check out the brands that I will be featuring here. This would make your shopping experience much easier and less tedious. You can take your time checking out different vegan belt brands and styles without any pressure out at all!


1. Matt & Nat

If you asked vegan fashionistas about vegan clothing brands, they would probably mention Matt & Nat! As one of the most well-known vegan brands out there, they carry a wide range of styles and options including accessories like belts !

Due to their passion and wonder of the world and its beauty, the founders of Matt & Nat founded the brand in 1995. The origin of the brand name stemmed from combining MAT(T)erial and NATure.  The brand believes that there both have a correlation with each other in creating sustainable apparels.

Since the brand’s inception, they have stayed away from using leather and any other animal-based materials. As they continue to grow in the industry, they make it a point to find new ways to push innovative and eco-friendly fashion.

When it comes to their various leather products including their belts, they either use PU (polyurethane) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). If you are searching for vegan belts, you would most likely find one from Matt & Nat and it will be made of PU.

If you take a look at Matt & Nat’s selection of belts on their website, you will find different types of unisex options. They range from $35 to $45.


2. Truth

When Renia Pruchnicki started Truth in Toronto sometime in 2001, she wanted to live a life she loved and to create something that would allow her make a difference in this world specifically with the planet at the same. This is how her brand Truth came to be.

With the belief that fashion can both be ethical and stylish, the approach to the designs of Truth’s products have developed and are reflection of the interests and beliefs that Pruchnicki has.

When you purchase a belt from Truth, you would probably take note of the “Genuine Non-Leather” stamp found on the back of their leather look belts. The belts being sold by Truth are primarily made from recycled and animal friendly materials. All products are also made in Canada.

If you are in the lookout for vegan belts, Truth offers so many amazing options for both men and women. You can choose from among the following categories:

  • Elastic Belts
  • Hemp Belts
  • Leather Look
  • Virtually Indestructible Belts
  • Reversible Belts
  • Woven Belts
  • Nickel Free Belts
  • Removable Buckle Belts

Check out all these belts and other cool vegan fashion items by checking out Truth’s website now!

3. Noah

Noah is primarily a vegan shoe brand that started in 2009. However, over the years, it has managed to grow its line and it now features not only vegan shoes but also bags and belts as well.

As an award winning vegan brand, Noah is committed to combining style and quality without disrespecting human health, the environment and animals. With its main aim of environmental sustainability and aesthetic quality, Noah is an eco-friendly and socially responsible brand that offers you high quality goods.

Similar to their shoe line, the belts being offered by Noah are free from any animal byproducts. They are made from microfibers such as micronappa and microsuede. Some are also made from partly elastic textiles.  The vegan materials being used by Noah are soft but sturdy and stretchy but durable.

If you are looking for belts that you can use to spice up any outfit or to make sure things fit in right, then there’s something from Noah that you can get! If you take a look at the selection of belts, you’ll discover that there’s a belt out there that you can use for all kinds of occasion.

Be fashionable and be eco-conscious courtesy of these trendy belts from Noah. Prices start from €49.00.


4. Nae (No Animal Exploitation)

Nae or No Animal Exploitation is a Portugal based vegan shoe brand that believes in finding modern day animal friendly alternatives that we can use everyday of our lives. Combining the use of natural and eco-friendly materials with high quality designs and styles, Nae aims to provides ethical and comfortable products to its consumers.

As it is known primarily as a vegan shoe brand, Nae has expanded into creating accessories like bags and belts for both men and women made from both natural and ecological materials. Nae prides itself with the fact that all of its products are made in Portugal.

Nae works with certified companies that do not use any products coming from animals or anything that can harm the environment. The companies they work with also have a great track record when it comes to the treatment of their employees.

When it comes to the vegan products, these are mostly made from natural materials such as the following:

  • Pineapple
  • Cork
  • Recycled Materials (such airbag, plastic bottles, etc)
  • Synthetic Materials (such as ecological microfibers)

If you want to see Nae’s selection of vegan belts, check out the “Accessories” section of their website! The prices of the belts start from $42.00 and up.


5. Noani

Noani is short for No Animal. This is a German vegan brand that supports responsible fashion. It believes in using eco-friendly materials to make the products and in working with people in Europe who have good working and conditions for their workers and craftsmen.

Established in 2014, it took Noani a year and a half to find the right materials and the right people to work with. Once they did, they worked together to make their vision of creating durable and innovative accessories that are purely vegan.

When it comes to their belts, Noani uses environmentally-friendly materials such as Eucalyptus fibers and Recycled Polyester. The Eucalyptus fibers beings used are grown in a sustainable way and are free from any pesticides or genetic manipulation. As for Recycled Polyester, it uses less energy and water compared to normal polyester.

All of Noani’s are designed in Germany but are made in a small artisan shop in Italy. If you want to check out their collection of unisex vegan belts, check them out here. Belts start from $69.00.


6. Risorse Future

Since 1955, Risorse Future footwear has been making some of the most stylish Italian made shoes ever. Based in the Marches region which is known to be the most famous shoe producing region in Italy, the brand has been partnering with the best craftsmen to create handmade shoes using the best materials out there.

In the year 2010, Risorse Future decided to venture into making eco-sustainable shoes made from vegetable materials such as cotton and hemp. The brand’s manufacturing processes and materials reflected its belief of being able to respect nature while creating fashionable and functional shoes.

Due to the nature of the vegetable materials being used, the brand has been classified as “completely animal-free”. It has been recognized both by PETA and the Vegan Society.

From being a shoe brand only, Risorse Future has expanded into making accessories including belts for men and women. Their belts are free from any materials originating from animals.  

Just like their shoes, the belts from Risorse Future are cruelty-free. They are sustainable and environment-friendly. They are also made the finest craftsmen using the best vegetable materials.

If you wish to go green, check out Risorse Future’s unisex belts here. All the belts are priced at €30.00.


7. The Vegan Collection

In 2008, a man who has been a vegan for over 25 years started The Vegan Collection. This vegan clothing and accessories from Los Angeles creates reasonably priced cruelty free products including belts.

The Vegan Collection works with manufacturers whose products are made from man made materials and are free from any animal byproducts like fur or leather. This is part of their commitment to animals and the environment. The brand understands that the products have environmental impacts but they do all they can do minimize that.  

If you make a purchase from The Vegan Collection, know that 25% of its profits are donated to organizations that support animals. This supports their commitment to animal welfare and vegan fashion.

If you are looking for their high quality and fashionable unisex belts, check out their belt collection. Prices range from $26.00 to $32.00.


8. Forester

In 2017, Sean Forester left Montreal, Canada to figure out what he was missing in life and what he wanted to do. Putting behind his career in finance behind him, he wanted to do something that allowed him to balance his vegan lifestyle and professional beliefs. Fast forward to a year later Forester was launched.

Forester aims to create ethical accessories that would be enjoyed by everyone. Before its launch, Sean and his partner Alannah McGhee aimed to design vegan leather products that were functional stylish and ethical.  The idea came to them after Sean went to look for watches that was sustainable, stylish and vegan.

Having had a difficult time looking for something that met his needs, Sean came up with the idea for Forester. With this “eureka” moment, Sean and Alannah decided that they would create a business that reflected their beliefs and principles while also being able to be altruistic.

Forester’s ethical and sustainable design principles are reflected in the different products that they currently have. If you are looking for a belt, check out this brown belt for him and black belt for her. Belts retail for €30.00.


9. Kat Mendenhall  

Kat Mendenhall is known as a vegan activist in Texas. She aims to shake the way the fashion industry works by creating a brand that makes vegan cowboys boots and other accessories including belts.

As someone who loved boots, Kat was distraught at the thought of cows being raised for their skins alone and how these leather byproducts are preserved using toxic chemicals. These chemicals are not only harmful to those who are exposed to it but also to the environment as it goes through the local water supplies.

In her quest balance the creation of high-quality fashionable pieces without using any animal byproducts, Kat established her own brand. It features different types of leather made goods.

If you are looking at getting a belt from this brand, you can dress belts for $49.99.  If a Western Style Belt is more your thing, you can get one for $69.99. Both belt designs come in different colors. Choose from among the following colors:

  • Black Moccasin Grain
  • Black Smooth Grain
  • Rust Ostrich Grain
  • Brown Smooth Grain
  • Cognac Vintage
  • Satchel Tan
  • Shell Prestige

10. CorKor

When Natalia and Victor were growing up in Portugal, they had wonderful memories with corks. As grown-ups, they dreamt of creating a fashionable and vegan brand that centered on using cork as its main material.

With their vision in mind, CorKor was born. This brand is PETA approved. It is 100% free from any animal byproducts and makes use of cork as a premium natural material.

CorKor is proud to say that all of its products are made and supervised in their very own workshop. This allows them to ensure that they create high-quality sustainable cork products for both men and women. The brand currently manufacture different kinds of fashion pieces including bags, wallets and accessories.

If you are trying to find belts for either a man or woman, CorKor offers both. Get cork belts for men starting from $29.90. As for belts for women, you can either get the 25mm belt for $29.90 or the 40mm one for $34.90.


11. Shanili

If you are a fashion lover and a vegan, you would surely appreciate what Israeli brand Shanili has to offer. When brand founder Liat and her husband became vegans a couple of years ago, the had a difficult time looking for vegan shoes especially those that can be worn in formal settings.

Upon realizing that there is actually a demand for comfortable vegan shoes in Israel, Shanili was born. This brand combines the founders’ love for animals and fashion. The decision to create this brand was not difficult given that Tel Aviv is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world.

There is more to Shanili than just shoes. It offers a range of products for both men and women including bags, jewelries and accessories such as belts. It even offers some home products.

If you are searching for belts, they have some for men and for women as well. Check them out and see if there are any that tickles your fancy!


12. Vegan Wares

Straight from the “Land Down Under”, the Aussie brand Vegan Wares aims to create sustainable and cruelty-free everyday wear. Apart from this, it also believes in products that can be considered timeless pieces as they can be used for a longer period of time.

For their products, Vegan Wares is committed to only using the best non-leather materials out there. These materials have been born from complex and modern technologies, marking them as high-quality leather substitutes.

Vegan Wares makes use of different materials in making their products. While footwear is their biggest line, they have also dove into other items such as bags, purses and belts.

For their belts, they often use these two types of materials –  EcoLorica Microfibre and Clarino Full Grain Microfibre. Both of these materials are made from state of the art technology.  Both materials are excellent synthetic leather alternatives.

If you are keen to purchase a belt from Vegan Wares, they have an amazing selection for you. You can start with the AUD $49.50 32 mm belt or you can go the extra mile with the black studded belt that’s priced at around AUD $88.00. If you wish to check out some of their other belts, feel free to log on to their website.

Vegan Belt Brands For Him

For guys out there who are solely looking for belts that would made for “him”, there are a couple of brands that we should look into. If you want to look and feel great, check these out below and find the perfect belt for your looks!

vegan-belts-brave gentleman

1. Brave Gentleman

If you are looking for smart and cool vegan fashion, then you found the right brand. And it’s called Brave Gentleman, Dubbed as the “first vegan lifestyle menswear brand in the world”, Brave Gentleman combines the use of high-quality vegan materials with sustainable and innovative processes as well as ethical labor.

The core of Brave Gentleman is ethical fashion. The brand believes that in no shape or form should animals be involved in fashion and in industrial productions. Also,  the environment should not be destroyed in the name of “fast fashion”.

Since its founding in 2010 by Joshua Katcher, Brave Gentleman has managed to build the brand based on these guiding principles. If you wish to get into fashionable vegan choices, check out the Brave Gentleman website.

The brand offers so many different options for men including footwear, clothes, bags and accessories. You can even get vegan belts for $95.00.


2. FRiLuk

In 2016, a family decided to start their own brand after years and years of traveling all over the world. Based in the UK, FriLuk was born. hbrand is into sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.

FRiLuk prides itself on creating high-quality and trendy fashion pieces that can be worn everyday. To add, these are made from natural and cruelty-free fabrics only! It is proud to showcase products that  100% animal-free and are made from sustainable resources.

If you are interested to know about FRiLuk’s products, check out the different products they offer that are made from materials such as cork and bamboo. These products have been created together with passionate people from around the world.

If you are looking for a new vegan belt, you can choose between the black and brown cork made ones that FRiLuk is selling. These highly-durable belts retail for $35.99.

Vegan Belt Brands For Her

For many women out there, they believe that belts have the ability to elevate any outfit.  Well this is actually true enough! If you are looking for a vegan belt that would help make a woman look her best, then get to know these brands below.



Every year, over a billion animals are slaughtered for their leather and skins. This sad reality prompted the New York brand Bhava to find innovative and durable materials for their footwear line that was devoid of any animal byproducts.

In its commitment to ethical fashion, it works only with the best artisans out there using the high-quality recycled, organic and cruelty-free materials. Bhava also puts importance on hand craftsmanship, creating pieces that make use of both traditional and modern technologies to bring its customers the best vegan products out there.

Apart from its shoe line, Bhava has a luxury belt collection that are handmade by artisans in Spain. Amp up your wardrobe by getting one of these stylish belts. Each detail on Bhava’s belts were carefully crafted to bring you a statement piece that can elevate your wardrobe!

If you want to get one of Bhava’s belts, check out its website. Belts start from $49.00

2. Von Holzhausen

This brand was established in 2015 by a Los Angeles native named Vicki von Holzhausen. After returning to the United States after working in Europe, she created this Malibu based brand. This focuses on designing and making ethical and sustainable products .

The brand has created bags and other accessories using Technik–leather. This is a 100% animal free. It’s design has similar attributes to the real leather that we know of. It has been created with durability and sustainability in mind.

Technik-Leather has some great properties that you might be interested to know. These are as follows:

  • 100% animal friendly and vegan
  • Free from Chromium and  Formaldehyde
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds
  • No Off Gassing
  • No Flaws
  • No Waste Factor
  • No PVC
  • Crack Resistant
  • Odorless
  • No Toxic by-products
  • Weighs less than leather (roughly by half)

If you are looking for vegan belts, they have a couple of Technik-leather designed specifically for women. Prices start at $75.00.

From the United Kingdom


1. Will’s Vegan Store

Established in 2012, Will’s Vegan Store is every fashionable vegan’s dream. It’s a brand that promotes sustainable and vegan fashion. Founded by Will Green, Will’s Vegan Store is a PETA approved company.

In their commitment to vegan fashion, the products under Will’s Vegan Store are only made from materials. This means that the uppers and linings are vegan as well as the glue that binds all these pieces together. All of its products are registered with the Vegan Society and are trademarked by the brand courtesy of an emboss that you can find on them.

When to it comes to their products, Will’s Vegan Store uses only the best eco-friendly vegan leather. These products are made in countries like Italy, Portugal and Spain under manufacturers who strictly follow the European Union’s laws on employment, discrimination and healthy and safety.

If you want to take a glimpse at Will’s Vegan Store’s selection of vegan leather belts, check it out here. You can get a belt for about £27.00 to £36.00.


2. The Third Estate

In 2005, The Third Estate was a small independent shop in Leeds. However, in 2012, the shop moved to London.  By 2015, it has opened its own website showcasing its ethically made products.

The Third Estate’s products are free from any animal ingredients. They are made with the highest labor, environmental and social standards in mind. The brand works with overseas manufacturers who observe fair labor conditions for their workers.

From its humble beginnings in Leeds, The Third Estate has managed to widen the range of high-quality vegan products being sold on the website. The brand offers footwear, clothing and accessories for both men and women.

If you are looking for a vegan belt that would for either a man or a woman, there are plenty of options that you can choose from The Third Estate’s website. Vegan belts for men start at £20.00 while you an get a vegan belt for a woman from £14.00.

From India


Corkiza is an Indian brand that’s all about creating high-quality vegan fashion pieces made from corks. In its creative process, the brand combines passion, ethics and sustainability. It also believes that animals should not suffer in the name of fashion!

As an alternative, Corkiza uses Cork Fabrics for its products. Based in Delhi, the brand creates products that can bring you love and care. By using cork as a primary material for the products, Corkiza is able to help preserve the environment in its own little way.

Corkiza offers different products for men and women including belts. These belts are (of course) made of cork! Check them out here!


2. VegShoes.In

In its desire to combine high-quality vegan footwear and accessories and the Indian values of “Ahimsa” (compassion), VegShoes. In was created in 2016. It offers well made footwear made of vegan materials. These are free from any animal materials like leather.

The products made by VegShoes.In are made from Vegan Leather. This is a type of polymer that is being used as a leather alternative. It can actually last longer than actual leather.

Vegan leather is an innovative material that is three times stronger than real leather. Using this material, the brand has managed to created lines for both men and women. They have shoes and accessories that you can get from their website.

VegShoes.In has a selection of men’s belts that are made from PETA approved vegan materials. Check out the selections here!

BONUS: To learn more about the best vegan weightligting belts, check out the video below!

Vegan Weightlifting Belts

In this day and age, when we think of belts, it’s not just about the fashionable and functional accessory that we add to our wardrobe. For those vegans out there who love working out, they too need a special kind of belt. In their case, they need a belt that would help them during their weight lifting workouts.

If you are in need of a weightlifting belt, here are some options for you:

1. Fire Team Fit Weight Belt

If you are looking for a soft, flexible and comfortable weightlifting belt that can help you with your form, then the Fire Team Fit Weight Belt is what you are looking for!

This weightlifting belt has a lightweight contour design. It supports your back while still being able to give you the mobility you need in order to do other exercises. The stability that this belt has helps in promoting safe weightlifting techniques.

Made from high-quality vegan friendly materials,  it has a heavy duty strap and a durable roller buckle that provide the support you need. It has wider ends that can provide maximum abdominal support. Its narrow sides are able to fit around the body, decreasing the chances of it rubbing against your rib cages.

Apart from weightlifting, you can use the Fire Team Fit belt for other exercises such as Power Cleans, Back Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Squats and many others.

2. Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt

Are you looking for a comfortable and secure weightlifting belt that guarantees to help you achieve optimum performance? If the answer is yes, you might want to get yourself the Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting belt.

The 4” Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting belt is made from 100% Premium Nylon. It has functional design that features contoured and tapered elements. These help in increasing your stability during your lifts.

One of the most distinct feature that the Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting belt has  its Self Locking Technology. This groundbreaking feature makes sure that the belt would not come off or loosen during your workouts. If you are a competitive weightlifter or crossfitter, you can use this during your competitions!

When you are searching for weightlifting belts, it’s easy to see cheap ones out there. However, these may not be vegan and may only have limited warranties. With the Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting belt, you don’t even have to worry about this at all. The brand promises to produce high-quality products only and offers lifetime warranties!


3. Bear Komplex Weightlifting Belt

Designed to support your weightlifting technique, the Bear Komplex Weightlifting Belt is the perfect addition to your fitness essentials. It’s ideal for a variety of physical movements that you would be doing most especially the ones involving “heavy” weights”.

The Bear Komplex Weightlifting Belt has a steel roller buckle that makes sure that the belt stays in place. It’s also pretty lightweight, making it easier for you to wear while you workout.  

It has a 4 inch velcro that you can easily adjust. You can tighten or loosen it without losing the optimum comfort and support. If you are keen to get your hands on the Bear Komplex Weightlifting Belt, it retails for about $34.99.

4. RitFit Weight Lifting

If you are looking for a weightlifting belt that guarantees to give you comfortable support during your strength training, RitFit Weightlifting Belt is something that you should consider!

With its ergonomic design, the  RitFit Weightlifting Belt has a Wide Waterproof Foam core that measures around 6 inches. It also has soft bound edges and a brushed tricot lining. All these features allow you to adjust the belt to fit you properly.

When you are undergoing strength training, the  RitFit Weightlifting Belt can help  you perform the various  exercises that you need to do correctly and confidently.


We all know that belts are an essential part of our wardrobe. And that there comes a time in our lives when we need a good and reliable belt or two that can amp up our wardrobe.

As vegans, we often have to take an extra look into the kinds of materials we use. And of course, the same thought applies when choosing belts. However, with more brands out there carrying vegan belts, it’s so much easier for us to get one now without going through some sort of shopping ordeal.

Apart from the brands that I have mentioned, you might know some that carry vegan belts. Let us know what these brands are by leaving a comment below. Also, if you know anyone who might need this list of vegan belt brands, then don’t hesitate to share this on your favorite social media platform!  


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