The [Best Guide] To Vegan Coffee Creamer To Complete Your Coffee!


These days, only a few coffee lovers like their coffee black (including vegans). With the infinite ways you can have coffee these days, who wouldn’t want to try as much varieties as possible?

Coffee alone comes in too-many-to-mention ways of roasting, brewing and mixing. Once you get it right, what better way to enjoy it than making it creamy and smooth?

The question is, which coffee creamer can you have if you’re vegan? Don’t worry! There are so many flavors and varieties of vegan coffee creamer brands for you to choose from!

Get your cups ready!

The Common Ingredients In Coffee Creamers

First things first. What’s in a creamer? You might immediately think it’s non-vegan because cream is almost always synonymous to milk.

…..Aaaand in most cases that’s correct!

Let’s see, the usually ingredients in creamers are:

  • Corn Syrup Solids (corn sugar)
  • Vegetable Oil (from soybean or cottonseed)
  • Mono- and Diglycerides
  • Artificial Flavors and Colors
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Carrageenan (from seaweeds)
  • Dipotassium Phosphate (buffering agent)
  • Sodium Caseinate (stabilizer)

But where’s the milk?

It’s hiding!

According to the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation, the following are hidden names for dairy/milk:

  • Artificial and Natural butter flavors
  • Casein & Caseinates (e.g. iron caseinate)
  • Ghee
  • High Protein Flour (may contain milk)
  • Hydrolysates
  • Lactate solids
  • Lactose-Free Milk
  • Quark
  • Recaldent
  • Whey

This is why vegans should also learn the other names of milk and its derivatives, so that no one will be able to trick you anymore!  Otherwise, these cryptic names in ingredient lists will just leave your eyebrows in knots.

So look for these names next time you are grocery shopping.

According to the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation, the following are hidden names for dairy/milk: Casein & Caseinates, Ghee, High Protein Flour, Hydrolysates, Lactate solids Quark, Whey, etc.

So, What Makes Coffee Creamer Not Vegan?

When the list of ingredients do not give you clear answers, what can you do?

1     You can LEARN

2     You can ASK


It always seems like 80% of ingredient in labels are ingredients I can’t even pronounce the name of. First of all, that probably means that you shouldn’t be eating it in the first place!

When I became a vegan, I found myself constantly researching all the puzzling names.

It sure paid off tough, because now I can easily tell which ones are okay and which ones are not. Well, most of the time. There’s always so much more to learn no matter how much you feel you already know.

Besides all the ingredients that contain milk I mentioned above, in the case of coffee creamers specifically, there are 2 red flags here:

1. Mono- and Diglycerides

– these fatty acids are commonly derived from animal sources. Oftentimes, these are not clear on labels as usually it would only say “may contain” or “from animal or vegetable source”. Vegans of course know well that it’s better to avoid food items with such labels.

These fats help to combine ingredients that won’t blend well otherwise. In creamers, these fatty acids help to blend oil and water together.

2. Sodium Caseinate 

For vegans, casein is a popular name for a common milk derivative. It is what makes creamers look white and thick. This milk protein also acts as a food stabilizer that also lengthens the product’s lifespan.

Sodium caseinate is a known common allergen. Did you also know that it can inhibit the absorption of nutrients? Well that’s all the more reason to avoid it!

Do you keep seeing names that you are unfamiliar with? Or do you want to know if a product or brand is vegan? Try going to the company’s website first. Usually, you will be able to find and verify such information on the actual product page. If not, try their FAQs and About Us page.



If you encounter an ingredient name and your research turns out to be unfruitful, then it’s time to ask. If the cryptic ingredient is in a food item that you really want, then I suggest you contact the manufacturing company. This will often take a while especially if you have to email them.

In most cases, you’ll end up speaking to representatives who will have to pass your question to a higher department. Be patient though. This means they are looking for the right information to give you.

If you encounter an ingredient name and your research turns out to be unfruitful, then it’s time to ask. If the cryptic ingredient is in a food item that you really want, then I suggest you contact the manufacturing company.

Vegan Coffee Creamer FAQs

Now time to answer the top questions about vegan creamers! See if your questions are here!

Is non-dairy creamer vegan?

While “non-dairy” sounds appealing to vegans, non-dairy creamer is unfortunately NOT vegan. It has sodium caseinate, a stabilizer from milk protein (casein). Prolongs shelf-life but not veganism.

Is Coffee Mate creamer vegan?

No. The popular creamer brand has sodium caseinate in its ingredients. The good news is Coffee Mate has finally introduced their vegan creamers through their Natural Bliss line.

Is the Coffee Mate French Vanilla creamer vegan?

No. The flavor also contains a milk derivative, both liquid and powder form.

Is Coffee Mate Coconut creamer vegan?

No. It contains sodium caseinate. You might think it’s a coconut milk creamer, but the coconut in it is just a flavor. This means the base is just like all other conventional non-vegan creamers.

Is Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice creamer vegan?

No. It has sodium caseinate too.

Is Coffee Mate Hazelnut creamer vegan?

No. Both liquid and powder hazelnut creamer from Coffee Mate contain sodium caseinate.

Is Coffee Mate liquid creamer vegan?

No. All of the liquid flavors from Coffee Mate also contain sodium caseinate.

Is International Delight creamer vegan?

No. Like other popular brands, International Delight also uses sodium caseinate in their products. Not delightful at all.

Is Half and Half vegan?

Some brands are. Half whole milk and half light cream, half and half is a popular coffee creamer too. While it is technically a dairy product, brands like Ripple have come up with plant-based, vegan varieties. That’s a whole new reason to love creamy coffee!

Is powdered coffee creamer vegan?

Most coffee creamers in powder form contain the non-vegan ingredients sodium caseinate and fatty acids. Some are vegan, but most are not.

Is Silk creamer vegan?

Yes! According to their website, all Silk products are vegan! They are also gluten free!

Is hazelnut coffee creamer vegan?

It will depend on the brand. Some hazelnut creamer brands are vegan and some are not. Check below for the list.

Is Leaner creamer vegan?

No. On their product page, the company states that their creamer is not vegan as it contains a milk derivative.

Is Wawa coffee creamer vegan?

No. Wawa coffee creamers, even the non-dairy hazelnut and french vanilla contain sodium caseinate.

Is N’Joy coffee creamer vegan?

No. Both regular and non-dairy N’Joy creamers have sodium caseinate in its ingredients.

Is there a vegan coffee creamer?

Yes! There are plenty actually! Check the complete list of vegan coffee creamers below!

What is the best vegan coffee creamer?

The best vegan coffee creamer will be a matter of personal preference. What tastes good for you may taste off for others. If you want to base on quality, check my complete list below. It might help you find out which one could be the best for you!

Coffee Creamer Flavors: Which Ones Are Vegan?

I love coffee creamers in different flavors! Hazelnut gives my coffee a yummy nutty taste while french vanilla makes it creamier!

However, most brands of coffee creamer flavors are not vegan. Don’t worry though! There’s still a decent number of brands that we vegans can enjoy! Read on!

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Creamer

The fall season is synonymous to pumpkin spice for a lot of people. If you’re a pumpkin spice loving vegan, you probably have had a lot disappointment already as most pumpkin spice flavors are not vegan.

I got your back! Let these vegan pumpkin spice coffee creamers make up for that!

Click on the link to find out where to get them! Just a note, all prices are estimated retail prices only, these may vary per store.

Vegan Hazelnut Creamer (brands, where to buy, etc.)

  • Califia Farms Hazelnut Almond Milk Creamer ($10.99/2 bottles, 946 ml each)
  • Natural Bliss Hazelnut Almond Creamer ($2.68/1 Pint)
  • Nut Pods Hazelnut Creamer ($14.95/4 pack, 330 ml each)
  • Silk Hazelnut Almond Creamer ($3.69/32 oz pack)
  • Silk Hazelnut Soy Creamer ($2.69/1 Pint)
  • So Delicious Coconut Milk Hazelnut Creamer ($49.60/12 pack, 1 Pint each)

Other Flavors From Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands

Aside from the popular pumpkin spice and hazelnut creamer flavors, there’s a bunch of other flavors from vegan brands. Give these varieties a try and you might just find some new favorites! Click on the links to get yours! They sell out fast!

From Califia Farms:

  • Califia Farms Mint Cocoa Creamer ($14.00/2 bottles, 750 ml each)
  • Califia Farms Pecan Caramel Creamer ($10.99/2 bottles, 946 ml each)
  • Califia Farms Unsweetened Creamer ($10.99/2 bottles, 946 ml each)
  • Califia Farms Vanilla Creamer ($10.99/2 bottles, 946 ml each)

From Coconut Cloud:

  • Coconut Cloud Original Dried Coconut Milk Creamer With MCT Oil ($14.99/box of 20 single-serve packs)
  • Coconut Cloud Vanilla Dried Coconut Milk Creamer ($14.99/box of 20 single-serve packs)
  • Coconut Cloud Salted Caramel Dried Coconut Milk Creamer ($14.99/box of 20 single-serve packs)
  • Natural Bliss Caramel Almond Milk Creamer ($2.68/ 16 oz bottle)
  • Natural Bliss Coconut Milk Creamer ($2.68/ 16 oz bottle)
  • Natural Bliss Maple Almond Milk Creamer ($2.68/ 16 oz bottle)
  • Natural Bliss Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer ($2.68/ 16 oz bottle)

From Ecos:

From Laird Superfood:

  • Superfood Creamer Cacao ($9.99/8 oz pack)
  • Superfood Creamer Original ($9.99/8 oz pack)
  • Superfood Creamer Turmeric ($9.99/8 oz pack)
  • Superfood Creamer Unsweetened ($9.99/8 oz pack)

From Nut Pods:

From So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamers:

  • So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer ($2.99/1 Pint)
  • So Delicious Original Coconut Milk Creamer ($2.99/1 Pint)

From Silk:

From Simple Truth (Organic):

  • Simple Truth Original Coconut Milk Creamer ($8.00/box of 8 single-serve packets)
  • Simple Truth Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer ($8.00/box of 8 single-serve packets)

From Wander Life (Organic):

  • Wander Life Cacao Coconut Creamer ($6.99/6 oz)
  • Wander Life Original Coconut Creamer ($6.99/6 oz)
  • Wander Life Vanilla Bean Coconut Creamer ($6.99/6 oz)

From Wildwood:

  • Wildwood Organic Soy Milk Creamer Original  ($2.39/1 Pint)

Almond, coconut, and soy are the most popular sources of vegan milk. These vegan milk alternatives can also be great coffee creamers. Pacific Barista, for example, label their vegan milk products as beverages but are highly popular for use in coffee beverages.

Almond, coconut, and soy are the most popular sources of vegan milk. These vegan milk alternatives can also be great coffee creamers.

Where To Buy Vegan Coffee Creamers

Most of the brands sell their products straight from their website. However, more conveniently, a lot of these vegan coffee creamers can also be bought from popular groceries and health stores like Whole Foods Market. Online shops like Amazon have them too!

So, if you’re looking for vegan coffee creamers at Walmart, for example, keep an eye on these brands. You can also try store brands like Trader Joe’s vegan coffee creamer varieties from coconut and soy milk.


The Best Vegan Creamer Singles

When traveling, you often have no guarantee of finding a vegan coffee creamer. If you can’t be without your coffee, then you should always have a vegan creamer handy.

Well now you don’t need to even think about stashing a big pack in your bag. Here are the vegan coffee creamer brands that also offer single-serve sachets!

Coconut Cloud (powder) – This vegan creamer brand from coconut milk offers 3 flavors: original, vanilla, and salted caramel. Well with the tiny size you can bring a few of each flavors with you anywhere!

Average Retail Price: $14.99/box of 20 single-serve packs

Where To Buy:

Reviews: 3.3 / 5 stars in Amazon

According to reviews: Has a neutral taste and doesn’t sweeten coffee. Some reviewers say the variety with MCT oil may leave a film in the mouth.

Simple Truth (powder) – One of the few organic vegan creamer brands, Simple Truth’s single-serve packs come in original and vanilla flavors.

Average Retail Price: $8.00/box of 8 single-serve packs

Where To Buy:

  • Amazon
  • Baker’s
  • City Market
  • Copps
  • Dillons
  • Food 4 Less
  • Fred Meyer
  • Fry’s
  • Gerbes
  • JayC
  • King Soopers
  • Krogers
  • Mariano’s
  • Metro Market
  • Owen’s
  • Pay Less
  • Pick ‘n Save
  • QFC
  • Ralphs
  • Smith’s

Reviews: 3 / 5 stars in Simple Truth

According to reviews: Sweetness is just right but won’t cut the bitterness of coffee.

You’ve also probably seen on a few vegan blogs that Silk also released their new dairy-free single-serve liquid creamers in vanilla flavor. I wouldn’t include this on my list though as information about this product indicates that it is Produced In A Facility That Processes Milk, Tree Nuts And Soy.” Yes, that means contamination.

The Best Vegan Powdered Coffee Creamer Brands

Coffee creamer in powder form is the most popular.They have a longer shelf-life and often come in convenient single-serve packs which you can even carry in your pocket.

BONUS: To learn how to make your very own vegan coffee creamer, check out the video below!

The Best Vegan Liquid Coffee Creamer Brands

For coffee lovers who want a smoother blend of coffee, liquid creamer is the answer. Even if your coffee isn’t piping hot, you don’t need to worry about this creamer not dissolving completely!

Vegan Half and Half Brands

If you like your coffee creamier, then you should try half and half. A regular half and half is known to be half cream and half milk. Well, vegans have a version of that too, plant-based! Check these out:

Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands In The UK

A lot of the vegan creamer brands in the US are also available in countries around the world. In UK, however, many stores carry their own vegan creamers.


The Best Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands

Are you still on the search for the best vegan creamer? From the lists above, here are the ones that stand out in quality and consumer reviews.

Coffee Creamer Brand
Certified Vegan
Gluten Free
Average Review Rating
Califia Farms
• Kosher
Coconut Cloud
• Made from sustainably harvested coconuts • Paleo Friendly
Laird Superfoods
• Paleo & Keto Friendly • 100% Cholesterol-Free • No Stevia
Nut Pods
• Whole 30 Approved
• 0g cholesterol
So Delicious
• Kosher

*Most non-GMO products are already “organic compatible”, but not all.

Homemade Vegan Coffee Creamer Recipe

Although vegan creamers have grown a lot in number recently, there are still many stores that need it.

I’m sure there are still many vegans out there having a hard time in terms of regular supply. If you’re one of them, then it’s time to unleash the resourceful vegan in you. Make your own vegan creamer!

No need to look somewhere else though, here’s a great liquid coffee creamer vegan recipe from Hidden Veggies!

You will need:

  •  A small to medium saucepan
  • Airtight glass jar or bottle for storage
  • Large spoon for stirring


First, choose your milk, then an optional sweetener and flavor from this table:

Vegan Milk
Vegan Sweetener (Adjust to taste)
Vegan Flavor (Omit for plain/unflavored creamer)
Almond Extract
Coconut Sugar
Caramel Extract
Maple Sugar
Hazelnut Extract
Peppermint Extract
Any other vegan sugar
Vanilla Extract

Fat and Emulsifier (you can skip this if you want a fat-free creamer!)

If you want a creamier texture, you will need to add fat. Use refined coconut oil or any oil with neutral flavor. To make sure the oil combines properly with milk, add liquid (vegan) lecithin as an emulsifier.

Thickener (use ANY of the following:)

  • Tapioca starch
  • Cornstarch
  • Potato starch


  • 1 cup milk of your choice
  • 2 tbsp sweetener of your choice (you can adjust it to your taste, or skip it for an unsweetened creamer)
  • 2 tsp flavor (extract) of your choice
  • ½ tsp starch of your choice

For a full-fat, creamier version (optional):

  • 1 tbsp oil of your choice
  • ½ tsp lecithin (use liquid so it dissolves better)


  1. Combine your choice of milk, flavor, sweetener, oil, and starch in a saucepan.
  2. Stir the ingredients well together before turning the heat on.
  3. Keep the heat to medium and stir frequently until it comes to a slow boil.
  4. Let it boil for a few seconds while stirring constantly and then turn off the heat.
  5. While still warm (to avoid film formation on top), transfer in an airtight jar or bottle for storage. This can keep up to 5 days.

Tip: Start with small amounts first. You can experiment by switching up milk and flavor pairs, or try a different oil or starch next time. Once you get the best mixture for your taste, then you can increase the measurements and make more.


It is no easy task to determine what ingredients to watch out for in coffee creamers that are not vegan. Fortunately for new vegans today, there are now plenty of vegan coffee creamers in the market, most of which I listed in this blog post.

If you can’t find one near you, try the DIY vegan creamer I shared with you above! This will let you choose whatever goes into your homemade creamer, flavor and all!

What’s your favorite vegan creamer? Have you tried making your own too? Let me know on the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article in your favorite social media platform.

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