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Are you wondering if vegan condoms and lube exist? Before you jump in bed for some fun, learn what brands are available for you to buy.

And although condoms and lube can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, the fact is that it is necessary.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that nearly 20 million new STIs occur every year in the United States of America.

Given the alarming number, it is very important for us to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted infections.

One of the key factors in preventing STIs is through the use of condoms during sexual activities.

For sexually active vegans out there, in case they are wondering whether there are vegan condoms and lube out in the market, well the answer is yes and no!

To give us more clarity, let’s first learn all the basic information regarding vegan condoms.

History of Condom 101

If you think the condom was an invention made in the 20th century, then you are wrong! Believe it or not, the beginning of condom use dates back to centuries ago.

Around 1000 BC, ancient Egyptians were believed to have used the very first condoms and they were made of fine linen. However, it is still not clear whether they wore condoms because of some ritual or for sexual purposes.

In the 14th century, members of the upper classes in Asia particularly in China and Japan used “glans condoms” which only covered the tip of the penis.

Around the end of the 16th century, an advancement in condom use was made.


As this was a time when there was a syphilis outbreak in Asia and Europe, a man named Fallopius suggested that men wear a chemical-soaked linen cloth during sex to protect themselves from the deadly infection.

After two centuries and a half, another breakthrough came with the invention of the rubber condom by Charles Goodyear.

A couple of decades later, around 1912,  Julius Fromm who was a German inventor and chemist was able to create a condom manufacturing technique called cement dipping. This paved the way for the mass production of condoms.

In 1919, the single-use latex condoms as we know it today was invented by Frederick Killian. This invention was a game changer as latex was an ideal material for condoms.

Compared to rubber, the latex was thinner and was (to an extent) odorless.

Since then, the condom has gone through a series of innovations and improvements, including the invention of the polyurethane condoms in 1994 which was a perfect alternative for people with latex allergies.

Around 1000 BC, ancient Egyptians were believed to have used the very first condoms and they were made of fine linen. In the 14th century, members of the upper classes in Asia particularly in China and Japan used "glans condoms" which only covered the tip of the penis.


Benefits Of Condoms

Condoms are more than just a rubber that guys use during sex. When you look at the big picture, using condoms has various benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases
  • No side effects
  • Convenient and cost-efficient
  • A birth control method
  • No side effects

What Are Condoms Made Of?

Nowadays, when it comes to condoms, there are various kinds available in the market, such as the following:

  • Latex
  • Non-latex (usually made from polyurethane)
  • Spermicide
  • Hot and Cold
  • Spermicide
  • Female
  • Ribbed
  • Lambskin

If you are wondering if these types of condoms contain animal products, the answer is a resounding yes.

Depending on the kind you prefer, there might be varieties that contain animal by-products such as the lambskin ones.

Also, casein is found in some latex condoms, which is a milk protein added to the condoms smoother. This addition will definitely not sit well with vegans.

For vegans out there, it is very important that you pay attention to the materials that are used to make condoms.

To be on the safe side, it is better you buy condoms that are already labeled vegan. But first let’s learn condoms made out of what materials you should avoid.

Casein is found in some latex condoms, which is a milk protein added to the condoms smoother. This addition will definitely not sit well with vegans.


What Condoms Should Be Trashed?

It goes without saying that vegan condoms contain NO traces of animal by-products. In addition, most vegan condoms usually have less chemicals compared to the regular ones we know.

Make sure you take a close look at the labels and triple check if the following chemical additives are included. It is advisable that you AVOID the following:

1. Nonoxynol-9

While this is an effective spermicide that aids in pregnancy prevention and gets rid of STIs, it has some negative effects, such as causing inflammation in the rectum, vagina, and cervix, increasing the permeability of some mucosal tissues ,and weakening the cellular integrity of sexual organs.

2. Glycerin

If there’s one thing to describe glycerin, it’s “sweet as sugar”. This sugar alcohol is commonly used in flavored condoms and lubricants. This additive has no benefit when it comes to protection.

The truth is it even increases the risk of STIs as it facilitates the yeast infection growth.

3. Benzocaine

Another additive that you should take note of is Benzocaine. This is being used in some condoms to help in increasing the comfort level during intercourse and to decrease sensitivity.

However, it has some side effects, including irritation, dryness, and inflammation. Also in some situations it can cause breathing difficulty, rapid heartbeat, and dizziness. This can be because it can easily permeate through the skin. 

4. Parabens

This preservative is being used in lubricated condoms. It helps in extending the shelf life of the condoms and in preventing bacterial growth.

However, there have been reports linking it to certain types of cancers. This is due to the binding of estrogen receptors with parabens which then causes the interference of normal hormonal activity.

Most vegan condoms usually have less chemicals compared to the regular ones we know.

Benefits Of Vegan Condoms

Apart from offering protection from STIs and preventing contraception, vegan condoms have other benefits that would surely delight those who are leaning towards products that make no use of animal ingredients

1. Cruelty-free

Perhaps this is the most obvious reason. If you are conscious of how animals are being treated in the making of products that we are using daily, then vegan condoms are for you!

2. Chemical-free

Like what I have mentioned before, vegan condoms often do not make use of chemicals or additives. Condom manufacturers are using ingredients that are natural and animal-free.

3. Fair Trade and Ethical

Compared to the regular condoms being made, the materials for vegan condoms usually come from sources that follow labor laws and Fair Trade practices.

4. Good For The Environment

If you are thinking of the environmental implications of your condom use, then opting for vegan condoms is a wise decision.

Most vegan condom brands are conscious of the way they are manufacturing their products that promote sustainability.

Apart from offering protection against STIs and preventing contraception, vegan condoms have other benefits that would surely delight those who are leaning towards products that make no use of animal ingredients.


Where To Buy Vegan Condoms?

Contrary to what some vegans might think, vegan condoms are not that hard to find. You can try your local drugstore or organic and/or healthy food stores.

If you can’t find it in stores near you, there is always the Internet! With just a few clicks, you will be able to shop for various vegan condom options. You can start here: Vegan condoms at Amazon.

Are These Famous Brands Vegan?

When you drop by your favorite supermarket, drugstore, or bodega, you might be seeing some of the most popular condom brands in the world.

But of course, before you grab a pack or two, you need to find out whether they are vegan-friendly or not. These are some of the brands you are most likely to encounter:

1. Pasante

Pasante is owned by the biggest condom maker in the world called Karex. It aims to provide high-quality sexual health care products for everyone.

Every condom from Pasante goes through an electronic test, which determines if there are holes on the products. In addition, every batch sold undergoes extensive testing, involving nine quality tests.

Pasante has several types of condoms being sold and distributed. They are made from high-quality natural rubber and are lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant.

In case you are wondering if Pasante condoms are vegan, it actually depends on the type you have.

According to the company, the following Pasante condom selections are vegan:

  • Trim
  • Naturelle
  • Warming Sensation
  • Delay
  • Ribbed
  • Extra
  • Extra Safe
  • Ribs & Dots

2. Durex

If you are familiar with the different kinds of condoms, then this one is probably on your list of a most well-known brand.

For over a hundred years now, Durex has been one of the prominent condom brands in the market, most especially with its release of the first very lubricated condom in the 1950s.

Over the years, Durex has continued to innovate its products. For instance, their non-latex condoms were introduced in 1997.

With the different condom variants under the brand, vegans might wonder if these are something they can use.

Again, this all depends on what variants you choose. Under Durex, its vegan condom options include the following:

  • Fetherlite Ultra
  • Avanti Ultima
  • Deluxe

All other condoms being sold by the brand contain casein.


Best Vegan Brands That You Should Look Into

If you are looking for vegan condoms, the first thing you would probably do is check if the well-known brands you already know of are free from any animal by-products.

However, if you are keen to explore and desire to dig deep into the condom industry, you will surely find several vegan alternatives.

Here are some of them that are available in different territories around the world.

1. United States

a. Sustain Natural

With their deep love for creating natural products, father-daughter duo Jeffrey and Meika founded Sustain Natural.

The company brand is known as the first brand of all natural vagina-related products.

Among the natural products that they have is their Ultra Thin condom. This product is tagged as vegan.

If you look at the list of ingredients below, there’s nothing there that indicates any animal by-products added.

  • Natural Latex
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Irganox 1330
  • Ammonia
  • Potassium Hydroxide
  • Potassium Oleate
  • Emulgin B2/Vulcastab
  • Zinc Oxide
  • LWVultamol
  • Sulfur
  • Di butyl Di thio Carbamate
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Magnesium Carbonate Powders
  • Calcium Carbonate

Apart from being vegan, Sustain Natural’s Ultra Thin condoms are also:

  • Nitrosamine Free
  • Made of Fair Rubber
  • Paraben-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • FDA Cleared
  • Gluten Free
  • Non- GMO
  • FSC Certified

b. Sir Richard’s

Here’s killing two birds with one stone: getting protected by using one of the finest condoms in the world and making a donation to a country in need.  

You can do both if you opt to buy condoms from Sir Richard’s.

As a vegan and PETA certified brand, Sir Richard’s is free from any animal by-products as well as the following:

  • Parabens
  • Spermicide
  • Petrochemicals
  • Glycerin

Apart from the ability of Sir Richard’s condom to protect you during your sexual activities, the brand has a social responsibility arm.

For every single time a condom is bought, Sir Richard’s donates one to a country who needs it.

If you want to check out Sir Richard’s condoms as well as other products that could help enhance the sexual experiences, check out the website here.

c. Lovability

This brand believes that safe sex starts even before you have a condom in your hands.

It’s about being able to find the balance between having fun, and respecting and loving yourself at the same time.

Lovability also believes in making an impact in the world. Through their commitment to do just that, they are working with mentally and physically disabled persons from ARC San Diego.

Also, for every product purchased made, a donation is made to PlannedParenthood™.

If you are looking for “the world’s happiest sexual products”, check out Lovability’s condoms. They are both vegan and natural.

d. L

When she was working as a photojournalist for the United Nations and Red Cross, L founder Talia Frenkel was inspired to do something after witnessing various humanitarian crises around the world particularly the effects of HIV/AIDs to young girls and the lack of women’s reproductive rights.

If you are looking for vegan, all-natural condoms that not only provide protection but contribute to the empowerment of women in developing countries, please give L’s variety of condoms a chance.

L’s condoms are free from N-9, glycerin, and paraben. Whenever you buy something from L, the same product is donated to a female entrepreneur.

2. Australia

a. Glyde

As the first certified ethical, vegan and fair trade premium condom brand, Glyde is committed to finding revolutionary ways to make sexual health and wellness better.

Its products are made using plant-based formula and patented technology.

Glyde is also certified by The Vegan Society and PETA’s Caring Consumer Program as it makes no use of animal products or testing in all of its condom variants.

If you want to check out Glyde’s vast selection of vegan condoms, head on over to its website and find the ones that would best fit you and your sexual activities.

b. Skyn

Skyn is a highly innovative non-latex brand of condoms from Lifestyle which is one of the top condom companies in the world.

Lifestyle has been in the condom business since 1905 when it was founded by Eric Ansell in Richmond, Australia.

Apart from Skyn, there are other condom brands under Lifestyle. According to its site FAQ section, Skyn condoms are vegan as they contain no animal derivatives.

If you want to know what Skyn is all about, check out the products here!

3. United Kingdom

a. Hanx

Vegan and luxury are two words that best describe Hanx.

According to Hanx, their products are “beautifully designed in matte foil packaging presented in a discreet white box, which is slim enough to tuck into your bag or purse”.

Hanx was founded by two women named Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir.

They came up with the brand after realizing that there has been a rise in STI rates and that people shouldn’t be embarrassed when it comes to purchasing condoms.

Apart from the very aesthetically pleasing packaging, Hanx condoms are 100% natural, vegan, and made from fair trade latex. You can order one time or subscribe save on their website here!  

BONUS: To learn more about which vegan condoms and lube you can use, check out the video below!

Lube It Up

When it comes to using condoms and other sexual health products, there is one item that goes hand in hand with them, lubricant. Lube reduces friction during sex and it helps enhance condom use.

There are various types of lubricants being sold but you have to make sure you have the right one for the type of condom you have.

If you are using latex condoms, you can use silicone based or water based lubricants. Make sure you avoid oil-based lubricants like hand lotion, massage oil, and Vaseline as they can cause the condom to break.

There are so many lubricant brands being sold today but not all of them are vegan-friendly. For vegan folks out there, here are some lubricant brands that you should take note of:

1. Sustain Natural Organic Lubricant

This unscented lubricant is a water-based product that is enriched with organic aloe vera.

This product was made to enhance the sexual experience as well as nourish the skin. Apart from being vegan, this lubricant is also:

  • Silicone Free
  • Petroleum Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Glycerin Free
  • Vagina Friendly
  • Pregnancy Safe
  • 95% Organic
  • Fragrance-Free

Get your own Sustain Natural Organic Lubricant for only $12.99.

2. Lariese Evolve Personal Organic Lubricant

If you want to get your hands on the best selling organic lubricant in Australia, then this is your chance.

This water-based lubricant works with all types of condoms. It contains Vitamin E, Moroccan Argan Oil, and Aloe Vera.

Lariese Evolve Personal Organic Lubricant also comes in four formulations which are:

  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Cucumber
  • Fragrance-Free

Apart from being made from organic ingredients, this lubricant is also Gluten Free, Cruelty-Free and vegan!

3. Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

This organic water-based lubricant is made with aloe vera with a hint of vanilla and lemon.

This product is safe for all skin types including sensitive ones. It contains no additional chemical additives and it provides long-lasting lubrication.

Apart from being an organic product, it is free from glycerin, parabens, and gluten. It is also free from animal by-products, making it an ideal choice for vegans!  

When you purchase a bottle of Almost Naked product, a donation will be made to an initiative that promotes the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Another amazing thing about this product is that in 2018, Almost Naked became the very first carbon-neutral personal lubricant in the market.

4. Yes Water-Based Organic Lubricant

This intensely hydrating and hypoallergenic lubricant is compatible with different types of condoms. It is free from hormones, irritants, glycerin, sugars, and other chemical additives.

This clear gel lubricant is also free of any taste, smell, residue or color. Additionally, it is vegan and holds a PETA certification. Get yourself a Yes lubricant or two here.

5. Bioglide

Are you looking for a long lasting lubricant made of natural ingredients? Then you will love Bioglide Neutral. This odorless lubricant is free from any preservatives, colorants, and other chemical additives.

Bioglide Neutral is ph-Optimized and water soluble. This 100% natural product is clinically and dermatologically tested.

Bioglide is also free from animal testing, making this a good option for vegans who are on the lookout for high-quality lubricants. This German made product guarantees to make your sexual experience pain-free!


Whatever your lifestyle choices are, it is very important to protect your sexual health at all times. As vegans, there are so many condoms and lubricants in the market to choose from. All you have to do is pick a brand from the ones I listed avoid.

Given that there are now so many varieties being sold, It’s just a matter of knowing what you want and where to get them! If one product does not work for you or your partner, there are plenty of others that you can try!

So when the time comes, you will be ready!

If there are other vegan condom brands that I didn’t mention above and you think we should know about, please let me know all about them in the comment section below!

If you also have vegan lubricant brands in mind, add them to the mix as well.

Finally, if there’s a fellow vegan who you think needs the information above, share the blog post with them in their favorite social media account!

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