The Top 11 Vegan YouTubers To Follow If You Want To Lose Weight!


If you are someone that prefers watching videos to reading, then I will share with you some of the best YouTube channels for vegan weight-loss that I, myself, can’t get enough of.

How I found these most of these Youtubers is because I have been a health and fitness fanatic since July 17, 2013. That’s the day I committed to my health because I was shocked that I couldn’t even finish a 25-minute cardio kickboxing workout!

I remember I was doing the first circuit and I was already huffing and puffing. I felt so out of shape and that was a real wake-up call for me, which drove me to make a healthy lifestyle change.

The vegan YouTubers I talked about in this blog post, had a great influence on me becoming vegan. Forward to today, I have finally achieved my ideal weight and my body feels lighter, which helps me run faster and jump higher! I just love that!

YouTube And Vegan Weight-Loss

To be honest with you, the YouTubers I will share with you below don’t specifically talk about just vegan weight-loss.

To this day I have not been able to find a YouTube vegan channel that concentrates just on weight-loss. But stay tuned because I have a surprise for you at the end of this blog post! However, the following vegan YouTubers do spread the message about the health benefits of eating on a plant-based diet.

They also demonstrate how to meal prep, and share many fitness tips for healthy living, which will all help you get to the finish line of your weight-loss journey!

So without further ado, here they are:


1. Derek Simnett From Simnett Nutrition

Dereck is my favorite! I never miss his videos.

January 26, 2018 was the first time I came across one of the Derek’s videos. I watched What I Eat To Stay Strong & SHREDDED Vlog At the end of the video, he analyzed everything (all the nutrients in the foods) he ate throughout the day.

Since that day, I have been hooked on all his videos. Every time I watch his videos, it makes me want to eat cleaner and train harder.

Derek Simnett is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, who loves doing calisthenics. He received his Diploma from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, B.C.

Derek creates eye-catching YouTube videos that explore athleticism and nutrition. But he also has a drone, and because he lives in close to nature, he will often show shots of rivers and forests from a bird’s eye view. It’s mesmerizing!

He enjoys showing people what he eats, what groceries he buys, how to cook mouthwatering vegan meals, and what exercises he does in the gym or out in nature.

What I love most about what he eats is that it’s always very natural. Lot’s of fruits and vegetables, grains, etc. He is also famous for his sauces and smoothie bowls.

He also loves answering his viewers’ common questions and not so common questions.

Derek helps many people from all over the world reach their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals through a whole foods, plant based diet with a natural approach to fitness and movement.

Check out Derek’s YouTube Channel Simnett Nutrition, his website, or his instagram @simnettnutrition.

2. Jon Venus

I remember one day I was reading some vegan transformation stories and that’s when I found Jon’s awesome vegan transformation on his YouTube Channel.

Since I liked that video a lot, I continued to watch another video that documented his vegan journey.

Jon Venus decided to go vegan after watching a horror documentary called Earthlings, a film about how cruel people are because of the way they treat animals.

After Jon watched that shocking documentary, he started documenting his full day of eating and workouts on YouTube that quickly turned into a successful online coaching business.

Jon runs a coaching website and a fitness channel with his wife Katherine, a nutritionist. He is also an ambassador for Vivo Life, a plant based product company.

The reason why he’s gotten so much attention on his social media is because he has been able to build a large amount of muscle on a vegan diet.

Jon loves sharing his full day of eating, meal prep tips and tricks for weight loss, weekly vegan grocery haul, travel adventures, workout routine, fat loss tips and more.

Check out his YouTube Channel Jon Venus, his website, or his instagram @jonvenus.

3. Leo Venus

I’ve always loved working out at home because… a) I can have a private moment. b) I can wear whatever I want. c) I don’t waste time driving, checking in, changing, etc. d) I don’t need any fancy equipment. e) I can listen to my kind of music as loud as I wish. f) working out at home just feels right for me.

One day I was searching for some home workout routine on YouTube and I found Leo Venus. I watched his video (HOME WORKOUT Routine) and I loved it.

In that video, he just used his own body weight, an ab roller, a storage ottoman, and a laundry basket to perform some exercise moves.

Leo Venus is a vegan medical student and he is also an athlete. He enjoys sharing food science like zinc, iodine, omega 3’s, vitamin A, vitamin D, B vitamins, diabetes, acne, obesity, and cancer.

He also interviewed vegan doctors (Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Milton Mills, and Dr. James Loomis). And of course, he loves showing his full day of eating, indoor and outdoor workouts, travel adventures, and more.

Check out Leo’s YouTube Channel Leo Venus and his instagram @LeoVenus_.

4. Jeff Morgan From Guilt Free TV

Every Friday night I make a vegan pizza. The pizza always turns out to be very delicious—I can’t get enough!

One night I wanted to watch some videos about how others would make their own style of vegan pizza and that’s when I found Jeff Morgan on YouTube.

I watched his video titled The Best Vegan Pizza Ever. Jeff was at his friend’s house and he showed people what ingredients he put on his pizza. Actually, after I watched that video, I decided to make what he made and it was really good.

Jeff has a nice, peaceful voice and that is one of the reasons why I love watching his videos.

Jeff Morgan is a vegan certified personal trainer. His wife, 2 children, and his parents are all vegan.

Jeff enjoys sharing his cooking recipes, full day of healthy eating, tips on building a strong, lean physique, muscle building workouts, and more.

Jeff interviewed vegan doctors (Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. John Mcdougall, Dr. T. Colin. Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Joel Kahn, and Dr. Pamela Popper). Believe me, you’ll learn a lot from all these doctors.

Jeff also interviewed vegan athletes (Fraser Bayley, Geoff Palmer, David Carter, and Robert Cheeke). Ever since these vegan athletes ditched all the animal products, they’ve been able to recover faster from intense workouts.

Check out Jeff’s YouTube Channel Guilt Free TV and his instagram @guiltfreetv.

5. Brian Turner

My cousin, Tony, had acne and pimples all over his face, which made him very depressed.

One day he turned on the TV and saw Brian Turner (a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast) on an American Talk Show “The Doctors”. He listened to Brian’s acne story, got inspired, and went full-on vegan.

Brian Turner was like my cousin Tony that was struggling with severe acne the whole time. Brian used to consume a lot of dairy products and other animal products. He didn’t know that the real cause of his serious acne was because of all the animal products.

Long story short, after Brian eliminated all the animal products, his skin conditions started to get better. In this video, he created a straightforward, right to the point of why he is vegan for life!

Brian enjoys sharing his full day of eating, meal prep tips, delicious recipes, training routine, travel adventures, and more.

Check out Brian’s YouTube Channel Brian Turner and his instagram @brianturneroficial.

6. Nimai Delgado

I love weightlifting. Lifting weights always pushes beyond my comfort zone, gives me a massive boost in my confidence, and helps me develop the habit of pushing through fear. Most importantly, it helps me look sexy naked.

Before I became vegan, I would always wonder if I could ever build muscle without consuming any animal protein.

One day I read an article about Nimai Delgado, who is a vegan professional bodybuilder, motivational speaker, health coach, and mechanical engineer.

I learned that Nimai gets his protein from tofu, tempeh, lentils, beans, edamame, hemp seeds, rice, and quinoa, which are all great plant-based protein sources.

Nimai has never eaten meat in his entire life. He was raised vegetarian and then he went full-on vegan.

“Immediately after I went vegan, I could feel a huge difference as far as my recovery time and energy levels,” he says. “Now I have less inflammation, muscle soreness, everything. I’ve never looked back.”

See, he is able to sculpt a championship physique on a vegan diet. Every time I pump iron, I think about Nimai, which helps me push even harder.

In his YouTube videos, Nimai loves sharing his full day of eating, workout and nutrition tips, travel adventures, and more.

Not only do I watch Nimai’s videos, but I also listen to his podcast called V Generation where he shares inspirational stories and knowledge about fitness and health.

Check out Nimai’s YouTube Channel Nimai Delgado, his instagram @nimai_delgado and his website

7. Yovana Mendoza From Rawvana

One night my mom came home from work exhausted. She told me that she had been feeling heavy and she felt like she was lacking in energy. Then I thought that perhaps it’s time for my mom to cleanse her system.

That night I did some research on how to naturally and effectively detox one’s body. That’s when I found Rawvana on YouTube. I watched her 1 DAY VEGAN DETOX video. In the video, she showed people what she had for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

The next day my mom was off from work and we both got up very early to go to a local grocery store to get all the ingredients Rawvana showed in the video.

We had the exact same things that Rawvana had and we both felt great and brand new.

Since then, my mom has been eating a lot more plant-based foods and her health and energy have been going up.

Rawvana was a party animal and she would smoke and drink every day. Then in January 2013 she stayed two weeks at the Optimum Health Institute, a detox center. That’s when she started eating vegan.

Rawvana has a fun, bubbly personality, which is why I love watching her videos. She enjoys sharing many mouth-watering vegan recipes, meal prep tips, her full day of eating, natural beauty tips, workout routine, and more.

Check out Rawvana’s YouTube Channel Rawvana English, her website, and her instagram @rawvana.

8. High Carb Hannah

A friend of mine from Taiwan had a difficult time shedding weight. She would either eat cucumber sticks all day with water or starve herself most of the time. Her weight yo-yoed like crazy.

One day I told her about High Carb Hannah and how she successfully lost weight by eating a healthy whole food plant-based diet. I then shared Hannah’s Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation video with my friend and she got inspired.

My friend decided to add more plant-based foods into her diet and eventually she went full-on vegan. Guess what? She lost weight and she feels awesome every day.

Hannah was just like my friend, who struggled with her weight. She tried a low-carb diet, became a raw vegan, ate tons of fruits, did sit-ups and calisthenics at night till her muscles couldn’t move, which unfortunately didn’t help her lose weight.

She even got to a point where she turned to drugs and alcohol. Hannah would also smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and drink one to two bottles of wine a night, which again never got her anywhere.  

Hanna finally learned about Dr. John McDougall and read his bookThe Starch Solution, which ultimately helped her lose 40 pounds in six months.

Here’s a sample of her weight loss diet:


3 to 4 shredded potatoes cooked with ZERO oil – oatmeal with fruits and seeds or a smoothie bowl with granola, coconut flakes, and some fruit.


Big portion of brown rice and beans with tahini, avocado, tomatoes. 3 to 4 baked potatoes and some delicious homemade soup or some chili over brown rice.


Sushi rolls that contain avocado, cucumber, or sweet potato, a delicious vegan pizza full of a variety of veggies, or quinoa pasta with marinara sauce and a lot of veggies.

Hannah enjoys sharing her full day of healthy eating, delicious cooking recipes, weight loss tips, travel adventures, and more.

Check out Hannah’s YouTube Channel High Carb Hannah, her website, and her instagram @highcarbhannah.

9. Natalie Matthews Fit Vegan Chef

About a month ago my grandma was watching some YouTube video and all of a sudden, she jumped and said, “Come check it out, this young lady has a beautiful physique. She is a vegan professional Bikini athlete. I admire her.”

I then sat down with my grandma and we watched Natalie’s DAY IN THE LIFE | VEGAN FULL DAY OF EATING video together. In that video, she showed what she ate and what exercises she did at a gym. So check it out.

Natalie has a genuine personality and that’s why I love watching her videos.

Natalie was a vegetarian when she was a young girl, but because of her regular consumption of dairy products that resulted in bouts of hypoglycemia, severe acne, and extreme fatigue, she eventually ditched dairy and adopted a vegan lifestyle.

Natalie keeps on inspiring lots of people from all different walks of life through fitness and healthy eating. She truly believes in veganism and the positive influence her choices have on her health, the planet, and the welfare of animals.

Natalie enjoys sharing her full day of eating and tasty vegan recipes, answering questions from her followers, showing people her workout routine, and more.

Check out Natalie’s YouTube Channel Natalie Matthews Fit Vegan Chef, her website, and her instagram @fitveganchef.

10. Maddie Lymburner

My grandparents attended a wedding a week ago and they had a lot of delicious food. After they came back from the wedding, my grandpa wanted to do some exercise with my grandma.

He watched some videos about bodyweight partner workout for two people and that’s when he found Maddie on YouTube. He and my grandma watched Maddie’s 10 MIN COUPLES WORKOUT ROUTINE video and decided to give it a try.

After my grandparents did the workout, they watched Maddie’s 4 YEAR VEGAN JOURNEY video and they immediately got inspired.

Ever since Maddie became vegan, she has had no worries about weight gain, calories, or serious health problems. She is very fit. She feels amazing. She is extremely happy. This lifestyle has changed her life completely.

Maddie strives to provide people with a lot of helpful information to help them start the plant based/vegan lifestyle.

Maddie enjoys sharing her workout routine, full day of eating, cooking recipes, travel adventures, and more.

Check out her YouTube Channel Maddie Lymburner, her website, and her instagram @maddielymburner.

11. My Channel Whoop Wellness

I know I teased you a little bit at the introduction of this blog post. So here is the surprised…WhoopWellness also has a YouTube Channel! Yes, you read that right!

The reason why I started this YouTube Channel (Whoop Wellness) is because I want to focus especially on teaching people how to effectively lose weight on a healthy vegan diet.

All my videos are and will be all about weight-loss. I want to fill that void, and serve a hungry vegan audience. No pun intended. Haha.

I love sharing lots of helpful weight-loss tips, fitness tips, my full day of healthy eating, travel nutrition tips that help you eat healthy while traveling, effective workout moves, delicious vegan recipes, and more.  

I truly believe that you can use your body to sculpt the body you desire by training hard and practicing mindful eating.

But before you do anything in the mornings, remember to give thanks to your own body and then tell yourself that you will fuel your body with plant foods and that you are getting stronger, fitter, and healthier every day.

So if you want lots of more tips subscribe the to WhoopWellness YouTube channel. I will be uploading 2 to 3 videos every week, so stay tuned!


If you love watching videos, the 10 YouTubers I mentioned above all often share their full day of eating and their delicious healthy vegan recipes. This is invaluable information which can help you enjoy your weight-loss journey.

You will also get to know them on a personal level, and you will feel like they are your new best friends even if they don’t know who you are. That’s the magic of YouTube!

In addition, if you allow me to become your new best friend, then subscribe to my YouTube channel. I know that I can help motivate you, boost your confidence, shed weight, and look amazing.

Whichever Vegan YouTubers you decide to subscribe to, just always be patient with yourself. Remember this: dedication + time = results.

Last but not least, nourish your body well with a variety of health-boosting plant foods. Keep yourself healthy, take care of your soul, mind, and spirit and your body will definitely thank you for it!

YouTube and chill, anyone?

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