The Top 8 Interesting Reasons Why Vegans Should Use Wooden Utensils!


Are you getting ready to prepare dinner tonight? Vegans who are looking to make the necessary changes to their cooking experience may not have taken the time to properly consider the utensils that they are using. 

Vegans should use wooden utensils for a variety of reasons and we are here to provide a helpful guide that will allow for the necessary changes to be made.

 There are a number of credible sources that have reported on the importance of this change. 

Vegans who use wooden utensils are able to enjoy a number of benefits that metal utensil users do not have access to. The usage of wooden utensils is an ancient trend that is still followed today.

Let’s take a closer look at the undeniable benefits that we are able to enjoy….


1. No More Chemical Reactions

Kitchen Rally recommends using wooden utensils for this reason. Since wood is inert, this allows vegans to reap the benefits of no longer having to experience chemical reactions. 

When wooden utensils come into contact with freshly cooked vegan foods, there are no reactions to worry about. This is the sort of peace of mind that we cannot put a price on.

This keeps vegans from unwittingly consuming harmful chemicals. After all, this defeats the purpose of establishing a vegan diet. The taste of the food should never be compromised in any way. 

Thanks to wooden utensils, the material of these utensils is never given the chance to mingle with the foods we are eating. Avoiding these sorts of reactions is critical.


2. Avoid Food Contamination

Did you know that the mere act of using non wooden utensils can cause unwanted food contamination? 

Experts say that wooden utensils come with a decreased risk of contamination and the facts are difficult to ignore. Think of it this way: wood is able to repel bacteria and mold on its own in the wild.

Wood contains cells that impede the growth of bacteria and mold. This is one of the main reasons why vegans should be using wooden utensils.

These utensils are typically coated with mineral oil as well. These types of features are designed to keep all contamination at bay.

3. Avoid Cookware Scratches

Scratched up cookware will not provide vegans with the same level of cooking efficiency and it is important that we avoid causing this type of unnecessary damage whenever possible. 

If non stick surfaces are being used, wooden utensil are typically recommended because of their ability to reduce the amount of scratches that take place.

4. Noise Reduction

If you are someone who finds themselves fed up with the amount of noise that metallic utensils create while cooking, making the switch to wooden utensils is something that is long overdue. 

Metals tools cause a great deal of racket during the cooking process and this creates an extra source of stress that is simply not necessary.

5. Reducing The Risk of Burning

Another reasons why vegans should use wooden utensils is because if you are going to be cooking for prolonged periods of time, the risk of experiencing unwanted burns when you use metallic utensils increases. 

Wood cannot conduct heat in the same manner that metal does. When utensils are going to be kept inside of a pot for an extended period, using wooden utensils keeps us amateur chefs from potentially burning ourselves.


6. Environmental Friendliness

Wood is a renewable resource. Vegans who are looking to go green should be willing to make the switch for this reason alone. It is a wise way to maintain the health of the environment while also maintaining our own level of health.

7. Increased Insulation

The good people at Fine Cooking have already discussed this benefit and for good reason. Let’s say that you are in the process of preparing foods that are going to experience dramatic temperature changes. 

You will probably want to use insulated materials, right? If the utensils that are being used are not properly insulated, you run the risk of displacing the heat that you have been able to generate.

8. Durability

Wooden utensils are very sturdy and durable. As long as you take good care of them, they will surely give you long service. 

Since wooden utensils are hard to break, you can stir the thickest ingredients or easily scrape foods off of the bottom of the pans or pots.

What To Watch Out For

While wood has become a popular choice for vegans who are in search of the best utensils to fit their lifestyle, there are some drawbacks that need to be noted as well before we proceed. 

They are not as easy to clean as most metallic utensils and this allows bacteria to thrive if we are not careful enough.

A vegan must make sure that their wooden utensils are not being penetrated by sauces and soups while they are cooking. 

The experts at Street Directory are quick to note that if wooden utensils have been compromised, it can be difficult to restore them to their former condition. This can lead to higher costs over the long haul.

How Do I Take Proper Care Of My Wooden Utensil?

First of all, I wash and dry my wooden utensils very well. Second of all, I use my hands or a cloth to rub them all over with coconut oil. Then I leave them out overnight so that the oil can soak in. Finally, I just remove any excess with a cloth.

If your wooden utensils are always being washed, which strips the oil, then rub them with oil more frequently.

If any of your wooden utensil start warping or cracking or looking dried out, oil them once a month or so and of course do it more frequently if needed.

A word of caution: Never soak the wooden utensils in water because they will warp and crack.

For further explaining on how to care for your wooden utensils, check out the video below.


The wooden utensil has become an integral aspect of the vegan lifestyle and for many good reasons. All of the biggest experts agree that these utensils provide a plethora of different advantages from a food prep standpoint. 

These benefits also carry over once the food is being consumed when vegans are able to avoid contamination related concerns.

If your reason for being vegan is health, then don't allow yourself to be exposed to various chemicals and toxins.

The versatility that wooden utensils have to offer is important to a kitchen and it is important to our diets as well. 

That is why it behooves every vegan who is looking to maximize the benefits of their diet to make the switch as soon as possible.

So now that you have learned all the reasons why vegans should use wooden utensils, will you give them a try? Or are you already using wooden utensils in your kitchen? Let me know on the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article in your favorite social media platform!

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