What To Eat For Breakfast On A Low Calorie Diet: 9 Ideas!

By Lily •  Updated: 11/15/21 •  7 min read

Even though I start off my day with a cup of coffee, I do eat breakfast after my 12-hour fasting period is over.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Research shows that people who skip breakfast are more likely to overeat later in the day.

This is because breakfast provides your body with much-needed energy to get through your morning, which can lead to fewer cravings for high-calorie meals later in the day.

I have compiled a list of my top nine ideas for what to eat for breakfast on a low calorie diet that will help keep you satisfied and energized all morning!

What To Eat For Breakfast On A Low Calorie Diet

1) Oatmeal: 250 calories

Oatmeal is a great breakfast option because it’s high in fiber and has a low glycemic index, meaning that it is slow-digesting. To learn all about it, check out my blog post “Does Eating Oatmeal Help You Lose Weight?

I love eating oatmeal because it is easy and quick to prepare. So if you are a busy person, you now have no excuse to skip breakfast!


1) 1/2 of oatmeal

2) About 1 cup of almond milk or cashew milk (these 2 types of plant-based milks are the lowest in calories)

3) Blueberries (berries are low in calories, however, feel free to replace them with your favorite fruit)

4) Cinnamon and/or vanilla extract (these are optional, however, I recommend them because they will add flavor while only adding an insignificant number of calories)

Make overnight oats before going to bed and wake up with breakfast ready! To make overnight oats all you have to do is fix all the ingredients the night before in a go-to container, and put it in the refrigerator.

If you don’t have time for that, then cook your oatmeal for about one minute in the microwave.

Warning: don’t buy prepackaged oatmeal that contains tons of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

2) Yogurt and Fruit: 250 calories

Yogurt is a great low-calorie breakfast option because yogurt offers your body the necessary probiotics and protein it needs to jumpstart your digestive system and fill you up.

For a low-calorie breakfast buy Greek Yogurt. Don’t buy flavored yogurt because it most likely has tons of sugar added.


1) 2 cups of Greek yogurt (unsweetened, nonfat)

2) Fresh fruit of your choice (I recommend blueberries because they are low in calories, but feel free to replace them with your favorite fruit!)

Just mix the Greek yogurt and fresh fruits together and enjoy. It can’t get any easier than that!

4) Egg Sandwich: 300 calories

Eggs are a great low-calorie breakfast option because they’re filling, decently nutritious, and protein-rich.

The key is to use egg whites and fat-free or reduced-fat cheese. Also, using the right English muffin will help keep you full longer (I recommend the brand Dave’s Killer bread).

For the complete recipe, check out my blog post “The Best Tasting Low-Calorie Breakfast Sandwich“.

5) Cereal: 150 calories

For many of us, cereal is such a staple for breakfast because it tastes great and it is easy to prepare.

However, when choosing cereal for breakfast, be aware that many of them are packed with sugar. What’s worse, you are left feeling hungry again after one or two hours.

The best cereals for weight-loss are made with whole grains, and have a lot of fiber and protein to keep you full until it is time for your next meal.

I also suggest that you use either organic almond or cashew milk because they are so low in calories, about 30-40 calories per cup.

Check out my blog post “Is Cereal Good for Weight Loss? The Top 3 Healthiest Plant-Based Cereals!”.

6) French Toast: 340 calories

French toast is my favorite breakfast meal! Many people think they can’t eat high-calorie foods like this on a low-calorie diet, or that it takes too long to make. However, let me be the first one to tell you that you are wrong!

If you have 15 mins, you can batch cook French toast for a week. This is what I do. And when I’m ready to eat it, I just put it in the toaster or the microwave. Trust me, it still taste delicious!

If you use the right ingredients, French toast can be low in calories and high in protein. The key is to use egg whites, and to eat it with fruit instead of syrup.

Syrup is very high in calories. Only 2 tablespoons of syrup will already set you back at least 100 calories. As a replacement, make a low-calorie blueberry syrup by just microwaving blueberries for about a minute.

For the complete recipe, check out my blog post “Is French Toast Good For Weight Loss? Steal My Healthy, Low-Calorie Recipe!”.

7) Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich: 175 calories

Peanut butter, jelly, and bread are all that’s needed for this quick on-the-go breakfast.

For the bread, choose Dave’s Killer bread (110 calories), it is a healthier option that has a lot of protein and fiber compared to other brands.

For the peanut butter, use powdered peanut butter (50 calories for 2 tbsp.), which has had all the oil removed. You will save dozens of calories with this simple trick. All you need to do is mix the powdered peanut butter with some water. You will be pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes. Just try it!

Finally, choose a brand of jelly that has no added sugar to it (about 15 calories). Fruit is already sweet, your body does not need extra sugar. Plus, you will save calories this way too!

PBJ on Toast is undoubtedly an easy and healthy way to start your day!

8) Bagel and Cream Cheese: 310 calories

The key is to pick the right bagel and cream cheese so that you consume fewer calories and more protein.

A great choice is the Dave’s Killer Bread bagel with whipped or light cream cheese. One of these bagels has only 260 calories and 11 grams of protein. Two tablespoons of whipped cream cheese will only add about 50-60 calories more.

This delicious breakfast option is one of my favorites that is sure to keep my tummy full until lunchtime!

9) Chocolate Pudding: 150 calories

A low-calorie breakfast doesn’t need to mean low in taste! Yes, you can have chocolate pudding for breakfast! You just need to use the right ingredients and not add whipped cream and other sugary toppings, as you will just pile on the calories.

For this idea, I was inspired by Greg Doucette’s Cottage Cheese Protein Pudding recipe. This recipe has a whopping 28 grams of protein and only 150 calories per serving.

Use a blender to mix the following 3 ingredients: 2 cups of 0% fat cottage cheese, 4 cups of almond milk, and 1/2 packet of fat-free sugar-free chocolate Jell-O pudding. Then transfer the pudding to an air-tight refrigerator-safe container.

Super easy and delicious!


The key to a low-calorie diet is finding the right breakfast foods that are not only filling, satisfying, and delicious. These 9 ideas were all created with this in mind, so hopefully one of these will be perfect for you!

I really hope this has helped give some inspiration on what to eat for breakfast on a low calorie diet to help you keep your diet on track! Best of luck, and here’s to a healthier you!!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have other great breakfast ideas you would like to share? Let me know so I can add them to our list!


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